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Our experienced Virtualization Team provides great cloud computing consultation.

With the increasing proliferation of cloud computing being adopted by enterprises and end-users, the demand for knowledgeable and trusted cloud consulting services is thriving. CIOs are faced with many challenges when evaluating the benefits, risks and the effects of cloud computing on their organizations. TSSLink stands ready to assist navigating these challenges by providing companies with Virtualization Solutions Services (VSS). VSS aims to bring clarity into the intricate interrelationships between people and technology and help organizations to define what "Cloud Computing" means to them.

Armed with decades of IT expertise, proven tools and techniques, TSSLink consultants have a granular understanding of the transformation to virtualization undertaken by the industry and are able to help enterprises to understand rapidly evolving technological solutions. Our VSS resources can evaluate the business drivers and develop the key processes required for an organization transforming and maturing its cloud computing services including evaluating cultural influences as well as technological dynamics. The TSSLink Virtualization Solutions team is uniquely equipped and prepared to assist enterprises achieve their cloud computing needs.

The TSSLink, Inc. Advantage:

  • Extensive IT infrastructure and operations knowledge.
  • Field engineering & technical support experience.
  • Technical project management.
  • Virtualization solution design, implementation and maintenance.
  • IT audit and compliance leadership.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning technical support.
  • Extends your ability to deliver quality service while achieving benefits of outsourcing.
  • Reliable "final mile" technical services delivery.